Specialty Positions

Tactical Response Team

The Centre County Tactical Response Team (CCTRT) currently consists of 14 officers from 6 participating agencies in Centre County. 3 PTPD officers are on this team. These officers receive specialized training to assist in resolving critical incidents such as a barricaded gunman or a hostage situation. 


Negotiators are an important part of the Centre County Tactical Response Team. There are 7 officers trained as police negotiators in the Centre Region. 2 PTPD officers are on this team. These officers are trained to assist in bringing critical incidents to a peaceful resolution by utilizing verbal de-escalation tactics.   

Bike Patrol

PTPD has 11 officers trained to patrol the township on mountain bikes. Bike patrols focus on the more densely populated areas of the township, to include our shopping centers and student housing apartment complexes.  

Accident Reconstructionist

Accident Reconstructionists are expertly trained accident investigators. The Centre Region has a Accident Reconstructionist Team consisting of 5 members. PTPD has 2 officers on the team. They are called to investigate automotive crashes were death or serious bodily injury has occurred.  

Child Restraint Safety Technician

Child Restraint Safety Technicians are officers specially trained to install and inspect child safety seats. PTPD has 3 officers trained in this specialty.

Drug Recognition Expert (DRE)

A Drug Recognition Expert is an officer specially trained to recognize impairment in drivers under the influence of drugs other than, or in addition to, alcohol. PTPD has one officer trained as a DRE.

Other non-regional, in-house specially trained officers at PTPD include:

• Firearm Instructors
• Less-lethal Weapons Instructors
• First Aid / CPR Instructors
• Emergency Vehicle Operator Course Instructors
• Defensive Tactics Instructors