Why Do Business Here?

If you have lived, worked, or shopped in Patton Township before - you know it is a bustling place for businesses. So, why would a business owner choose to open up shop in our Township?

Business Friendly

Patton Township is extremely welcoming to business owners of all kinds, and for those who are just starting out, this is no exception. New business owners are welcomed with open arms in Patton as they will make it as easy as possible to start their business. It's extremely evident by the number of stores, big and small, that the township is a great place to open up shop.

Efficient Permit Process

Starting a business venture can be a daunting process, but in Patton Township, we want to make it as stress-free as can be for new entrepreneurs. Our permit process is quick and efficient, leaving the guesswork out of it so you can get to work.

Variety of Stores

A great reason to establish your business in Patton Township is the diversity of stores available to shop. The majority of the Big Box stores in the State College area are located in Patton, along with so many great restaurants and bars, and a great mix of small businesses owned by families and individuals too!

Location, Location, Location!

With so many options in stores, this is a high-traffic area that sees a great deal of foot traffic all year long. Being right next door to Penn State University and having so many other great businesses already established nearby, Patton Township is a great location for any business owner looking to start up.