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Patton Township 2020 Leaf & Brush Collection Schedule & Guidelines


Patton Township collects leaves and brush that are placed along the roadside throughout the year. The Township has two continuous collection efforts in the Spring and Fall when most leaves need to be collected. During the remaining months of the year the Township will collect leaves and brush in one pass through the entire Township during the first week/first Monday of each Month. The details of the leaf and brush collection efforts are indicated below. Residents who live on rural routes of the Township are required to contact the Public Works Department, (814) 234-0271, if you have leaves or brush for collection. You are located on a rural route if you live north of Gray’s Woods Boulevard and beyond the intersection of Cricklewood Drive and Fox Hollow Road. The collection route begins in Park Forest and from there it goes to Woodycrest, then Toftrees, and finally to the rural routes if needed to finish. The Township collection is performed by two or three crews simultaneously. They collect large piles of brush ahead of leaves followed by smaller piles of brush that are chipped at the curbside. If the crews do not make it through the Township that day they will pick up where they left off and continue.

Spring & Fall Collection

Fall Collection: September 8 – November 28 (12 weeks)
Spring 2021: March 1 – April 30

This collection effort will be continuous (cycling through the Township over and over) as long as there are leaves and brush to collect.

Normal Monthly Collection (first week/Monday of each month)

January 4, February 1, May 3, June 7, July 5, August 2, December 6

Leaf and brush collection will be done with only one trip through the Township. New piles that are placed out after the Crews have been through your neighborhood will not be collected until the next monthly collection. Please be patient it typically takes two to four days to complete collection through the entire Township in one pass, depending upon amount to be collected.

Resident Guidelines

1. Leaves and/or brush shall be placed curbside prior to 7 AM. Place leaves and brush within five (5) feet of the edge of the road. Do not place leaves or brush on the roadway (§149-16 of the Code of Patton Township).
2. Pile all cut ends of brush in the same direction towards the street.
3. Leaves and brush must be in separate piles. Ornamental grass will be collected and must be separated from leaves and brush.
4. Please do not park vehicles in front of the piles. Leaves and brush cannot and will not be collected if a car is parked in front of a pile.
5. Limbs larger than 8-inches in diameter, stumps, logs, old firewood, and root balls cannot be processed by the Township’s equipment and will not be collected. Please make other arrangements for the disposal of these items.
6. A maximum of four (4) truckloads of un-chipped limbs and brush will be collected from a single property. (4 truckloads of un-chipped brush = 1 load of chipped brush)

**If piles are not in compliance with the Township’s guidelines, a door hanger will be placed indicating what was found by the road crew.

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