Bernel Road Park Court Conversion


Our Public Works team has provided us with a proposed sketch to convert two (2) tennis courts at Bernel Road Park to six (6) pickleball courts.

This design includes separating the two (2) remaining tennis courts from the new pickleball courts with a fence interior to the perimeter fence. It also includes a fence with a gate to separate the two (2) “rows” of pickleball courts. Wind screening will be installed on the perimeter fencing. 

Patton Township would like to gather comments on this design. Please provide any comments by Wednesday, October 13, 2021 by commenting on this blog post, or find this conversation on social media. We have shared it on Facebook, Instagram & Nextdoor. 


Margaret ELLIS Oct 4, 2021

I would like to see the tennis courts kept as is.

Circleville courts are often full, Tudek tennis courts are often full.

With the pickleball lines, you can have the option for both.

Or, create a separate space for the pickleball courts?

Toby Winters Oct 9, 2021

You should convert all of the tennis courts to pickleball courts, not just half.
Tennis is on its way out...... pickleball is the up and coming sport. Try being proactive instead of reactive.

BK Koehler Oct 13, 2021

Looks like a functional design, similar to many conversion projects across the country right now.

Pickleball has growing popularity - and converting 2 tennis courts into 6 pickleball courts allows for 3x as many active participants in the same area. The ROI is there!

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