If your mail box is damaged during a winter storm event, the Patton Township will first attempt to repair the damaged mailbox. If that is not possible, we will install a standard black mail box with the numerical address attached as a replacement at our expense. 

The replacement may not be immediate, and the Township may install a temporary mail box until we are able to do the installation of the official replacement box, but a temporary mail box will be up within 72 hours of notification.

CLICK HERE to read the Official Mailbox Policy for more information and contact us with any questions.


When large amounts of snowfall are expected, or when the Township declares a "Snow Emergency," parking is prohibited on Patton Township sretreets. The Patton Township Police department will advise all residents and visitors to remove their parked vehicles from the Township streets and parking tickets will be issue to vehicles that remain parked once the Snow Emergency has gone into effect. Alerts will be pushed out on our social media channels and website to alert of these notices.

The Police Department will lift the Snow Emergency after the snowfall has stopped and the Township plows have finished clearing the roadways. Only then will cars be allowed to park back on the streets. We appreciate our public's cooperation during these snowfalls. Please contact us with any questions.