The Recreation Advisory Committee (RAC) is a 5 member committee. All members are appointed and serve three (3) year terms, for a maximum of 3 terms. The responsibility of the RAC is to act in an advisory role, providing recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on all things pertaining to recreation in the Township.

The RAC typically recommends new park and bicycle/pedestrian projects as part of the formally adopted Patton Township Parks and Bicycle/Pedestrian Path Plans. They work with professional design firms in developing new plans and renovation to facilities. The RAC develops surveys to gauge the interest of our residents for projects, both new and existing. The RAC is also active in seeking grant opportunities to help fund park and bicycle/pedestrian facilities in the township.


Ann Taylor, Chair
Ken Hickman, Vice-Chair
Barry Bram
Rich Koch
Greg Turner

Patton Township Representative to the CRPRA:
Cindy Solic