The Patton Township Housing Task Force has been providing monthly updates to the public in 2021 through written and verbal reports to the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission. The educational presentations the Task Force received at their February and March meetings may be of most interest to the public.

February 2021 Presentation on Planning, Zoning, Demographics and Population
by Nicole Pollock, Senior Planner and Mark Boeckel, Principal Planner, Centre Regional Planning Agency

  • Zoning as a Tool to Implement Planning
  • The Centre Region Comprehensive Plan
  • Zoning Ordinances
  • Census Data and Demographics
  • Population Trends

March 2021, Presentation on Housing Issues
by Andy Haines, Executive Vice President of Gatesburg Road Development

  • “Affordable Housing”--Its history and its negative image
  • Its major types (single family and multi-family) and the problems with single family funding
  • “Section 8” funding and Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC)
  • The “Area Median Income” (AMI) for Centre Region residents (used to calculate affordability)
  • “Inclusionary zoning” and “Fee In Lieu Of”
  • Challenges to Affordable Housing

April 2021, Presentation on Housing, Transportation and Sustainability
by Trish Meek, Greg Kausch and Pam Adams of the Centre Regional Planning Agency

  • The importance and impact of bicycle and pedestrian connectivity, public transit and sustainability for affordable housing

May 2021, Research Subgroup Discussions (Housing, Zoning, Visioning) as well as information on:

  • Housing costs as a percentage of median income in the Centre Region geographies
  • Local tour conducted of Pleasante Pointe housing
  • Habitat for Humanity video from New York on the need for housing

June 2021—More Research Subgroup Discussions (Housing, Zoning, Visioning)

July 2021—Presentations on Community and Housing Land Trusts and Updates on Regional Collaboration and Producing CNET videos

  • Presentations by the Directors of the Centre County Housing & Land Trust, (Missy Schoonover,) and the State College Community Land Trust, (Colleen Ritter)
  • Update on CNET videos being produced on Patton Township Housing
  • Report of Habitat for Housing tour conducted in Woodycrest by Stephanie Fost

August 2021—Continued Research Subgroup Discussions (Housing, Zoning, Visioning)