Public Works Operations

The Public Works Operations Department is responsible for the maintenance of Township facilities. Township facilities include roadways, curbing, sidewalks, shared use paths, signs, traffic signals, stormwater facilities along with other Township lands.

Public Works would be nothing without the help of our residents. There's a reason we call it "public" works! You are the eyes and ears of our department, and we always encourage you to help us by giving your input and reporting when you see things that need assistance in our Township. Email Public Works Operations or call our office at 814-234-0271 with any information. 

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Public Works Staffing

The Public Works Department is made up of 14 staff members including our Public Works Director (Ken Soder), a Road Superintend, a Mechanic, 3 Crew Leaders, and 8 Crew Members. We have a dedicated team of individuals who do great work for Patton Township.

Winter Road Maintenance

Snow and Ice Control is the top priority for the Public Works Department during the winter season. The employees are scheduled to provide 24-hour coverage during storm events. The Township is divided up into separate plowing routes and each route consists of main roadways, school routes, and secondary roads. Crews will concentrate on main routes and school routes first then proceed to secondary roads once the mains and school routes have been addressed. This is why sometimes you will see that the street in front of your home might not have been plowed yet, but the street two blocks over has been addressed.

Leaf & Brush Collection

click here for the Leaf & Brush Collection Schedule (2023)

Leaf and Brush Collection is performed every month weather permitting. The Township conducts an extended leaf and brush collection twice a year once during the spring and once in the fall. The remainder of the year we will collect leaves and brush during the first full week of every month weather dependent. Leaves are normally collected with a vacuum truck operated by one crew member. Leaves shall be placed between the sidewalk and curb, not on the road. Leaves on the road cause flooding issues during storm events.

Brush is collected in two ways. The normal method of collection is to use an excavator with a grapple and place the brush into an open dump truck and process the material at the recycling center.  We also will collect brush by hand and feed it into a woodchipper on site when needed. This is used for smaller piles of brush or during times of high volume. Brush should be placed between the sidewalk and curb but not on the road, with the large end of the limbs facing the direction of travel. Do not place brush piles on top or near water shutoff boxes, sewer cleanouts or mailboxes to avoid damage.

Grass Drop Off

The Township does not pick up grass clippings but has a grass drop off site located at 110 Hawbaker Industrial Drive for residents to drop off grass clippings.

Stormwater Maintenance

The crew maintains the system of pipes and swales, along and under streets, providing stormwater control on Township roads and lands. Most detention basins in the neighborhoods are maintained by Homeowner Associations. The Township does maintain a few ponds.