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Real Estate Tax Collection

The Township Tax Office collects Real Estate Tax for property located within the Township.  Per the Second Class Township Code, the position of Real Estate Tax Collector is an elected position.  If no one is elected or the elected party declines the post, the Township Manager (or another staff member) is appointed by the Board of Supervisors as the elected Tax Collector.  Under these circumstances, the collection of real estate taxes for the Township, County and State College Area School District is assigned to the staff of the Tax Office.  

There are three Real Estate bills per year. County and Township bills are delivered by March 1, and the School District bills are delivered sometime after July 1. There are discount, face and penalty periods for all bills. Please see bill for due dates. Owners of new homes will receive a supplemental tax bill for partial year occupancy of their home.

Taxes Paid from Escrow:  Not all lending institutions request tax bills from our Tax Office. If there is no notation on your bill, lease forward your bill to your lender with a note requesting that they submit a letter in writing to the Tax Office for the next billing cycle. Supplemental bills might not be paid through escrow. Please contact your mortgage company for payment information.


Earned Income Tax Returns

For the 2012 tax year and beyond, Centre Tax Agency is responsible for collecting and processing earned income tax payments and returns. The Centre Tax Agency (CTA), also known as the State College Borough, was established as a result of Act 32 of 2008.  The Centre Tax Agency is located in the Finance Department of the State College Borough Municipal Building, 243 S Allen St, State College, PA.  

For questions relating to tax years prior to 2012, contact the Patton Township Tax Office at 814-234-6617.

 Local Services Tax

This is a $52.00 per year tax levied at $1 per week on people working in the Township. A low income exemption is available for individuals earning less than $12,000 annually. The exemption form is available here.

Individuals who work for more than one employer and have had the tax deducted more than once may claim a refund.  The form is available here.

For more information, please contact the collector (State College Borough).




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