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Snow and Ice Information


Throughout the winter, the crew plows snow and applies salt to the Township roads to make winter travel safe for Township  residents and visitors. The Township has 8 trucks that can be used to clear the roads. Residents are required to help the crew's work by removing their cars from public streets whenever two inches of snow have accumulated and by parking off-street until the snow clearing work has been completed.

Parking is prohibited on all streets for 48 hours after 2" of snow has accumulated (Chapter 167, §20). This allows the Road Crew to clear the roads faster and more safely. This ordinance is enforced by the Police Department. Violators are subject to a $15 fine plus costs (§24). See parking ordinance for more information.

Township standards are to clear the road from edge-to-edge or curb-to-curb to provide safe traveling conditions and provide storage space for subsequent snow falls. To do this requires multiple passes with the plow to move the snow from the centerline to the edge of the road. This means until the street is completely clear, the plow will come by again. The plow is not lifted at driveways because this would leave snow on the street creating a hazard for drivers.

Residents should be advised to wait as long as possible to shovel or clear out the end of their driveway. Also deposit the snow to the right of your driveway as you face the street. By doing this, when the plow returns it will carry the snow away from the driveway. Snow placed on the left side will probably end up right back in the driveway the next time the plow makes a pass.

High volume streets and bus routes are cleared first (Valley Vista Drive, Waddle Road, Vairo Boulevard, Toftrees Avenue, Cricklewood Drive). Through streets are cleared next and cul-de-sacs and other dead end streets are cleared last. Not all the streets or roads in Patton Township are public. Private drives are maintained by owners, homeowners associations, or the developer.

PaDOT is responsible for plowing and salting the following roadways:  North Atherton Street, Mount Nittany Expressway, Buffalo Run Road, Stevenson Road, Bernel Road, N. Fillmore Road, Fox Hill Road and Fox Hollow Road.
Property owners and/or occupants are responsible for clearing snow and ice from adjacent sidewalks within 24 hours of the end of a snowfall (Chapter 149, Article VII).
Owners/occupants failing to clear sidewalks may receive a citation, be fined and/or be responsible to reimburse the township for the costs of clearing the sidewalk.
Please drive safely, slow down and allow extra time to reach your destination during winter weather events. This is the most effective way to prevent an accident.
To find out road conditions before traveling, call 355-6044 for local roads and 1-800-783-6783 for interstate roads.



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