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Current Township Projects

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Project Overview



Following the recommendation of a traffic study that began in 2009, Patton Township will install left turn lanes on Valley Vista Drive at the major intersections within the Township. The intersections of Amblewood Way, Oakley Drive, Sandy Ridge Road and  Devonshire Drive will have left turn lanes installed for access to those streets. The three lane road will be continuous between Devonshire Drive and Oakley Drive allowing left turns into the Faith Baptist Church and the private drive across from Oakley Drive. At almost the same time Ferguson Township will be installing a left turn lane on Valley Vista at Bachman Drive. These intersections see long queues of vehicles developing during busy times of the day. These intersections do not meet the warrants for traffic signals at this time.

Patton Township owns an 80 foot right-of-way (ROW) with Valley Vista Drive currently situated on the eastern side of the ROW. Construction will expand the road to the west. During construction two narrower lanes of traffic will remain open while construction takes place in the ROW to the west. The Township received $800,000 Multimodal Grant from PennDOT to complete this project.

Because the road will be widened at the intersections to accommodate the left turn lanes the Township is working to secure a NPDES permit for the project and working with utilities including State College Borough Water Authority and Columbia Gas to determine if there is any interference with the widened road sections. Relocation of the utilities may cause a delay in the project completion date, therefore the project may not be finished until 2018 as opposed to the Fall of 2017 as originally anticipated.