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                                                                                                November 26, 2019

Press Release                

Patton Township Residents               

The Patton Township Police Department would like to remind Patton Township Residents about snow parking regulations.  The following is the wording for snow parking regulations:


Prohibited parking in snow.


Snow accumulation. It shall be unlawful for any person to park any vehicle, tractor or trailer, or allow same to remain parked or unattended on the paved or improved portion of any public highway, street or road in the Township at any time during or after any snowfall when the depth of such snowfall shall have reached or exceeded two inches.


Snow emergency. At such time as it may be deemed necessary, the Township Manager or designee may declare a snow emergency, requiring that all vehicles be removed from the streets of the Township until the snowfall has ceased and the Township Manager or designee has declared the snow emergency ended. All such snow emergency declarations shall be provided to local media for public broadcast and publication.


To summarize, parking is prohibited if a snow emergency has been declared or if the snowfall has reached or exceeded two inches.  Re-parking after the snow shall be unlawful until the snow emergency has ended.  Residents are also reminded that they must clear their sidewalks of all snow and ice within 24 hours after the end of a storm. 

  § 149-39Responsibility of owner or occupier of property.

It shall be the duty of the owner and occupiers of properties as hereinafter provided, and the owners of unoccupied lots along whose premises sidewalks have been laid or may hereafter be laid under the authority of the Township, to cause said paved sidewalks along their respective properties to be cleared to the width of said sidewalk of snow, ice and other obstruction within 24 hours after the same shall have ceased to fall, in the case of snow, or shall have occurred, in the case of ice or other obstruction; provided, that the owner shall be responsible for conforming to the provisions of this section in the case of unoccupied property, or property occupied by him or a property containing more than one dwelling or business unit; the occupant shall be responsible therefor in the case of property containing a single dwelling or business unit.


The Patton Township Police Department would like to thank all Township residents for their cooperation.  This will ensure that our roadways can be properly cleared and pedestrians can safely walk on the sidewalks within the Township.



Tyler Jolley

Chief of Police         

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